Domestic Cleaner Service in Nottingham and Nottinghmashire

From a typical cleaning company’s point of view, we have put together some frequently asked questions and answers. We hope to be able to answer your questions on the subject, as part of your search for providers.

The advisability of using a company cleaning company

Why outsource cleaning rather than doing it internally?

Cleaning is a more complex task than it seems, and the cleaning company brings particularly useful know-how to its customer while providing a professional service. When you hire a cleaning company you want house cleaners for domestic & residential to ensure you will cover all the import aspects of cleaning, namely:

  • Cleaning human resources management;
  • Maintenance and updating of tools;
  • The provision of relatively difficult benefits;
  • Commitment to the quality of the work provided;
  • The respect of the legal norms;
  • Quality monitoring.

How to ensure that the intervention of the cleaning company does not disrupt my activity?

Unlike an internal team, whose schedules are constrained, you can very well invite the cleaning team to intervene in staggered hours, before or after the production cycle.

How does the cleaning company adapt to the peculiarities of my company?

My company makes food products. What precautions should be taken?

The use of a cleaning company specialized in the agri-food sector will be relevant in this case. Also be sure to work in an unusually detailed manner on your specifications, and to indicate to your sales representative all the delicate and fragile elements.

What is pre-cleaning? How does it improve the quality of the cleaning company’s work?

Pre-cleaning allows operators in a particular area or using sensitive equipment to clean up their production tools in a summary way. They will be able to pay close attention to the elements they know are difficult to reach or fragile.

How to check the quality of work provided by a cleaning company in the agri-food sector?

If perfect hygiene is necessary for the operation of your production line, you can check the work of your provider by taking samples by agar plate. Put the blade in contact with the surface to be tested, and you can witness the development of bacteria, if any, by noting the change in color of the blade. You will be able to confront your provider on this point.

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